VersaCloud's many innovations

  1. VersaCloud introduces an improved definition of the transaction concept, that better adapts to common cloud computing problems (like temporarily broken connections to back-end servers and front-end devices disappearing because their batteries have run out of power) than existing transaction managers.
  2. VersaCloud is implemented as a piece of functionally significant middleware on an autonomous cloud-based server, providing a developers using a multi-tier software architecture for their solutions at least one tier ready to use
  3. VersaCloud manages all transactions started from front-end software (for example, computer executables, mobile apps or websites) and routes them to the correct back-end servers securely, protecting back-end servers against incorrect calls, both incidental (like programming errors) as well as deliberate ones (like Distributed Denial of Service Attacks)
  4. VersaCloud provides a friendly environment to developers by returning fine-grained error information to them (through a set of about thousand different error conditions, each one with documentation available in various human languages)
  5. VersaCloud handles all requirements brought into software development by the cloud-computing environment, like support for applications running in various human languages (and having new languages added after the software has been distributed to users), automatic updating of documentation when functionality gets changed or improved, billable and auditable transaction processing, strict back-end server scalability and reentrancy controls to secure them from access from the cloud, user customization options storage, front-end software upgrade processing per-user or for all of them, and various others
  6. VersaCloud can handle individual users paying for the transactions they demand, companies paying for transactions their employees demand in a simplified way, plus transactions that are free to use thanks to being sponsored by a specific corporation, all of these at the same time
  7. VersaCloud encapsulates new and existing services provided by back-end servers into standardized and secure Application Program Interfaces, so that accessing these back-end services can benefit from all features the proposed transaction manager offers
  8. VersaCloud secludes front-end applications and back-end services into separate software tiers, so that they can evolve over time without impacting the other tier (like is common when new mobile devices get available on the front-end, or new back-end services are added)

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