Solutions on VersaCloud

Solutions are the abstract name we use inside our transaction manager for a set of services provided by a back-end server to one or more front-end softwares. These services follow the same data encapsulation rules described for APIs defined by our cloud-based time-limited transaction manager.

In order to control the usage of these solutions by users, our cloud-based time-limited transaction manager uses the concept of a 'solution login': users not only have to login into the transaction manager using their password, but they have to be allowed to use a specific solution. This permission is granted through successful calls to the 'UserSolutionAddAllow' and 'UserSolutionAddCommit' APIs. Most front-end software will make these calls just after registering new users (or verifying that they are already registered on our transaction manager by calling the 'UserSolutionValid' API).

Once a user has been registered with a specific solution, his authorization to use the solution can be limited in time by calling the 'UserSolutionSinceSetAllow', 'UserSolutionSinceSetCommit', 'UserSolutionUntilSetAllow' and 'UserSolutionUntilSetCommit' APIs. The 'UserSolutionSinceGet' and 'UserSolutionUntilGet' APIs allow retrieving the current time limits for a user accessing a solution. The 'UserSolutionFirstGet' and 'UserSolutionLastGet' APIs allow retrieving the effective first and last access of a specific user to a solution's resources.

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