Methods and Rights on VersaCloud

As depicted in Figure 8, methods and rights are also related. Method's rights are the set of rights associated to a method (think of another 'basket' for each method). If this set/basket is empty, no rights check happens inside our single entry point engine when handling an API call. If the method's set/basket is not empty, then the method can only be called by users owning at least one coincident right stored in their personal basket.

In more formal terms, if the 'method rights' set is not empty, then the 'user rights' and the 'method rights' sets must have a non-empty intersection for a user to be allowed to call the method. If this intersection is empty the user doesn't own any of the rights required by the method. In this case, his method call gets rejected by our transaction manager's single entry point engine, and the caller receives a specific error code.

The 'MethodRightAddAllow' and 'MethodRightAddCommit' APIs are to be called to add a specific right to the set of requirements of a method.

To verify if a certain right is already 'in the method's 'basket' the 'MethodRightValid' API call is to be used.

The validity of a certain right to call a specific method can be delimited in time, by using the 'MethodRightSinceSetAllow', 'MethodRightSinceSetCommit', 'MethodRightUntilSetAllow' and 'MethodRightUntilSetCommit' APIs.

In order to query the current limits of the valid time period, the 'MethodRightSinceGet' and 'MethodRightUntilGet' APIs should be called.

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