Methods' Parameters on VersaCloud

Solution methods also can have their own parameters, which are defined as part of the 'MethodAdd…' transaction through calls to the 'MethodParameterAddAllow' API: each call to this API adds one parameter to the method being defined. Each method parameter receives a name, a type for its values, and can be optional, exactly as our cloud-based time-limited transaction manager's native API parameters, described throughout this document.

Method parameters can be assigned a short description in various human languages (we call 'documentation') through calls to the 'MethodParameterDocumentationSetAllow' and 'MethodParameterDocumentationSetCommit' APIs – once defined it can be retrieved through a call to the 'MethodParameterDocumentationGet' API.

Any method parameter already defined can be queried by means of calls to the 'MethodParameterNameGet', 'MethodParameterMinLenGet', 'MethodParameterMaxLenGet', 'MethodParameterReentrancyKeyMemberGet', 'MethodParameterTypeGet' and 'MethodParameterOptionalGet' APIs.

Existing method parameters can be modified at any time (only by users having access to the solution's master token) through transactions based on calls to the API pairs 'MethodParameterNameSetAllow' and 'MethodParameterNameSetCommit', 'MethodParameterMinLenSetAllow' and 'MethodParameterMinLenSetCommit', 'MethodParameterMaxLenSetAllow' and 'MethodParameterMaxLenSetCommit', 'MethodParameterReentrancyKeyMemberSetAllow' and 'MethodParameterReentrancyKeyMemberSetCommit', 'MethodParameterTypeSetAllow' and 'MethodParameterTypeSetCommit', and 'MethodParameterOptionalSetAllow' and 'MethodParameterOptionalSetCommit'.

Our time-limited transaction concept is consistently applied to solution methods: the maximum duration of any method can be queried by means of the 'MethodDurationGet' API, and modified by calling the 'MethodDurationSetAllow' and 'MethodDurationSetCommit' APIs.

The standard amount to be charged for a method's execution can be queried by calling the 'MethodCostGet' API and modified calling the 'MethodCostSetAllow' and 'MethodCostSetCommit' APIs.

Finally, method parameters can be deleted by a successful transaction based on calls to the 'MethodRemoveAllow' and 'MethodRemoveCommit' APIs.

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