VersaCloud's Application Program Interface (API)

So as to completely isolate both back-end and front-end developers from VersaCloud's internal implementation, all of its functionality is provided through a set of functions (also known as an Application Program Interface, or API). This API is self-contained, extensible, typed, secure, parameterized and documented. Its basic elements comprise a strong type system, a set of rights to manage users and the solutions they will access, back-end methods to define transactions (which share all the basic APIs characteristics), as well as a property system, to store user customization data on the cloud-based middleware server (so that it can be retrieved from any end-user device at any time).

Additionally, VersaCloud's API provides a set of functionality that allows end-user applications to be upgraded in controlled and progressive ways, allows for the management of users in groups (to reduce administrative tasks), allows for controlling speed of user balance spending in various ways, allows users to login using more than one 'identity', and a complete 'query' subsystem which provides users owning auditing rights to have read-only access to the system's call log.

US Patent Requested