The following table displays the documentation for the ':@Err#Prm0800032' API in all languages currently available:



English (United States)

Parameter #08: Password contains invalid character (should use only A-z, a-z, 0-9 and <>[]*%$#!+-)

Español (moderno)

Parámetro #08: La contraseña contiene caracteres no válidos (debe utilizar solamente A-Z, a-z , 0-9 y < > [ ] * $ # % + -)

Português (Brasil)

Parâmetro #08: A senha contém caracteres inválidos (deve usar apenas A-Z, a-z, 0-9 e <> [] *% $ # + -)

Returned By

This errorcode is generated from inside the APIs listed below, under specific conditions. If the table below doesn't contain any data, then the errorcode ':@Err#Prm0800032' is returned by the single entry point engine when concluding that a call does not comply with rules imposed by VersaCloud for all API calls.

API Name



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