The following table displays the documentation for the ':@Err#Cbk0000615' API in all languages currently available:



English (United States)

CallbackInvoke received an error code from the callback connector which has not been associated with the method being invoked

Español (moderno)

CallbackInvoke recibió un código de error del conector de callback que no está asociado con el método sendo accionado

Português (Brasil)

CallbackInvoke recebeu um código de erro do conector de callback que não é está associado com o método sendo acionado

Returned By

This errorcode is generated from inside the APIs listed below, under specific conditions. If the table below doesn't contain any data, then the errorcode ':@Err#Cbk0000615' is returned by the single entry point engine when concluding that a call does not comply with rules imposed by VersaCloud for all API calls.

API Name



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