Recipe #01 - Calling into VersaCloud's Webservice Interactively

1. Access the webpage After some ads, you should see:

2. Type VersaCloud’s Web Service WSDL URL into the WSDL File Address field:

3. Now click on the Retrieve button. Your browser should show something like this:

4. We will now fill in the data to be used for an API Call. When calling VersaCloud, the Solution parameter must always be “VersaCloud”. The Method parameter must contain the name of the API you want to call. For this example, we will use the “Valid” API. The values to be used for the remaining fields Parameter01 to Parameter14 depend upon the API being called. “Valid” requires just two parameters (leave blank the boxes for the twelve unused parameters). In order to verify if 999999999999 can be used as an unsigned number, fill in Parameter01 and Parameter02 like shown below and then click on the "Invoke" button:

5. After the API call is submitted to VersaCloud's Webservice, the response will be an XML file like this one, where <apiResult> informs us that the value returned by the API is 'False' in this case (meaning the number we passed in is too big for the unsigned type):

6. Now let's step back to the previous webpage, modify the Parameter01 text box to 'hugeunsigned' and call VersaCloud again (by clicking on the "Invoke" button).

7. Now the resulting XML file's <apiResult> tag will now display 'True' (meaning that the value 999999999999 is too big to be used as a normal unsigned number, but can be used as a valid value of type hugeunsigned).

8. We suggest you now repeat the above process on your own, varying Parameter01 (which can be any type defined on VersaCloud) and Parameter02 (which must contain the value to be checked against the rules for the type specified as Parameter01).

So now you should have learned to invoke VersaCloud APIs through VersaCloud's Web Service, as well as started mastering VersaCloud’s type system. Complete information about the type system can be found here. Click here if you want to see the detailed documentation for the Valid API. The index of all APIs is available here.

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