API Tutorial Lesson 11 - Cloning Solution Tokens

As depicted in this lesson's sample code, (only) the developer that created the master solution token can create cloned tokens (in fact, as many as he wishes). Supposing that the master token creator is the development team's manager, responsible for structuring a solution, he can create various clone solution tokens for different parts of his team to use when calling the solution's functionality from end-user software, as illustrated by the first two transactions delimited by calls to APIs 'SolutionTokenCloneAllow' and 'SolutionTokenCloneCommit'.

Translator solution tokens can be used with any '…DocumentationSetAllow' and '…DocumentationSetCommit' APIs, to include translation of the solution's documentation into new languages: the person or team in charge of translation only needs to receive a translator solution token.

The last type of clone solution token depicted in Fig. 26 is the query solution token, needed in order to run any 'query' on our cloud-based transaction manager (queries are used to obtain auditing data).

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