API Tutorial Lesson 09 - Granting Developer Rights

This lesson's sample code shows how the 'Developer' right is assigned to a specific user (shorthand notation 'DV'). The 'Developer' right is required to call any API used to specify new or modify existing functionality available through our cloud-based time-limited transaction manager. This functionality is available to end-user software, and optionally implemented as callbacks on back-end servers.

The following four lessons display, step by step, how developers can add their own functionality to our cloud-based time-limited transaction manager. Although all needed developer tasks occur, as any other task on our transaction manager, through API calls, the set of operations described in Lessons 10 to 13 are in fact what is called 'design time' functions in standard development, while Lesson 14, which shows how to run this added functionality corresponds to 'run time'. This corresponds to the common usage of these terms: 'design time' is used to refer to tasks developers complete during the creation of a piece of software, while 'run-time' is used to refer to tasks executed when the new piece of software is already running.

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