API Tutorial Lesson 06 - Managing User Attibutes

Registered users' information can be retrieved using APIs like 'UserNameGet', 'UserLanguageGet', 'UserBirthDateGet', 'UserCountryGet' and/or 'UserBalanceGet', as depicted on this lesson's figure. The user's balance is an attribute that changes over time, according to balance credit's received and cost of transactions processed and charged. The 'UserLastCharged' API obtains the timestamp of the last transaction run by a user which incurred into a credit charge (and is restricted to be called by users owning the balance manager right).

The only of these attributes that can be changed at any time after the user's registration is the default language to be used to communicate with him (by means of calls to the 'UserLanguageSetAllow' and 'UserLanguageSetCommit' APIs).

The sample code also displays the 'Since'/'Until' attributes usage, as applied to users: 'Since' and 'Until' are two timestamps which delimit the period over which the user is valid (by default, from Jan 1st, 1801 to Dec 31st, 2399 – these are the values retrieved by the example calls of the 'UserSinceGet' and 'UserUntilGet' APIs in the sample code).

These delimiting timestamps can be modified by calling APIs whose name contains '…SinceSet…' and '…UntilSet…'. This type of APIs apply not only to users, as shown by the example calls of 'UserUntilSetAllow' and 'UserUntilSetCommit' APIs, but to all sub-elements of our invention for which it is useful to delimit their usage to a certain period of time. The example displayed in the figure defines that the user identified by 'UserUntilSetAllow' second's parameter will only be able to log in until noon of the day before Christmas 2018 (if correctly run and confirmed by calling the 'UserUntilSetCommit' API). After noon of the day before Christmas 2018, login requests for the specified user will not be honored any more by our transaction manager.

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