Software and IT Services - The Brazilian Industry in Perspective (2009)

Here you can access the results of the most comprehensive study ever published on the Brazilian Software and IT Services industry. Developed by the Softex Observatory, a unit of study and research of the Association for Promotion of Excellence in Brazilian Software (Softex), was originally launched (in Portuguese) on Nov 26th, 2009, in the Auditorium of the Ministry of Science and Technology, in Brasilia.

The launch of the study "Software and IT services: The Brazilian Industry in Perspective" was attended by Sergio Machado Rezende,
Minister of Science and Technology, Waldemar Borges Rodrigues Neto, president of Softex, and Arnaldo Bacha, vice president and chief executive of Softex.

On that occasion, Virginia Duarte, Project Manager of Softex, detailed the main findings of the study, which used an innovative methodology to cross-check results from research institutes and IBGE (Brazilian official statistics office) and international bodies.

Divided into six parts and 15 chapters, "Software and IT Services: The Brazilian Industry in Perspective" contains figures, analysis and projections that trace a complete X-ray of the Brazilian Software and IT Services industry. Topics covered, include the total number of companies operating in this segment, number of jobs, training, IT manpower, access to financial resources, national expertise and information about software quality.

"Until now we did not have essential information, raised reliably using an internationally standardized methodology for our Software and IT Services industry. With this release, and the additions which will come in the future, we will able to change this situation and offer the public and private key data to support them in making business decisions and also in the definition and implementation of sectoral policies, "said Arnaldo Bacha de Almeida, vice president and CEO of Softex.

The publication of this first volume of the study "Software and IT services: The Brazilian Industry in Perspective" is one of the results of the Project SIBSS (Information System of the Software and IT Service Industry), initiated in 2007 under the coordination of Softex. The completion of the project had the support and financial resources of Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT), through the Secretary of ICT Policy (Sepin).

"In addition to expanding the scope and quality of data and information available for public policy development, the Softex Centre aims to become the main source of reference for companies, for national and international media and academic research, assisting in strengthening the image of Brazilian Software and IT Services", said Virginia Duarte, project manager at Softex.

This project was supported by a team of several consultants outside Softex, which had the participation of professionals from MBI.

Download the complete results here, as a .pdf file (322 pages, 8,44 Megabytes)